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Siemens Management Consulting
Otto-Hahn-Ring 6
81739 München
Frau Theresa Hollerith
Frau Bettina Glomb
Frau Marisa Brunner
Tel.: + 49 (89) 636-630022

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Siemens Management Consulting
SMC. Living strategies.
Siemens Management Consulting (SMC) is the top management strategy consultancy of Siemens.
We support Siemens businesses worldwide in developing solutions to meet twenty-first century challenges.

The whole world is our workplace.
Based out of offices in Beijing, Mumbai, and Munich, our consultants develop trendsetting strategies in areas ranging from renewable energy to healthcare, pioneering new business initiatives like digital factories, infrastructure solutions, and emerging market entries. Our consulting services span the spectrum from strategy development and benchmarking through to growth and innovation projects.

Our clients are also our colleagues.
SMC projects extend far beyond the conception and development of strategic solutions. For us they are first finished only after theyve been successfully implemented. Since we provide consulting advice for our own company, we take on a special responsibility - our clients are after all also our colleagues and our longstanding cooperation is built on trust.

We develop future leaders for Siemens.
The mission of SMC is twofold: To increase the competitiveness of Siemens in a sustainable fashion and to train future leaders for the company. Through ongoing training, feedback and coaching, we help our employees to reach their full potential.

Have we sparked your interest?
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Who we look for.
For a career as a strategy consultant at SMC, you should bring the following qualifications: Excellent university degree (masters/diploma), ideally complemented by an MBA/PhD; Initial practical experience (e.g. internships) preferably in consulting or a Siemens-related industry; Relevant international experience of at least six months as well as convincing communication skills in English. Were looking for people with outstanding analytical skills, an entrepreneurial mindset and a team-oriented work approach.

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