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Creating Champions Peru
Micaela Bastidas 825 Ave.
45 Cuzco, Peru
Personalverantwortlich bei Creating Champions Peru
General Director
Sony Cueva
Tel.: +51984739309

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Erfahrungsberichte von Creating Champions Peru

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Erfahrungsberichte von Creating Champions Peru

I promise to come back

von Julia-Sophie Hanus (Germany, Koblenz University of Applied Sciences, Internship: Marketing/Digital Marketing Responsible)
After 3 months, it was time to say good-bye. I learned not only many things about life, but also got a new family and friends. It became my second home and I am going to miss it a lot. I gained lots of experience, particularly how to work in another culture with different mindsets. I was responsible for the Marketing department. My daily work included a wide range of tasks: Social Media, Marketing analysis, Brand designing, Internet researches, etc. I especially liked that I could work independently and gave my ideas free rein. Despite of the short time, I felt like a part of Creating Champions Peru. Furthermore, I visited the training sessions of our kids to take some photos and to see their progress. It was a pleasure to see how they enjoyed the opportunity to get a free training with professional trainers. I wish Sony and Creating Champions Peru all the best and I promise to come back. Therefore, it is not a good-bye rather than a see you later. Thank you for this great time in Pe

I loved the other interns who were there at the same time

von Julia Wilfling (German, Chemnitz Technical University, Internship: Sport coach)
My internship is done now. I got the chance to spend and live 2 months in this awesome country. I really like to live at different places, get to know the people and the culture and not just travel through them. In these two months I learned a lot for myself. The kids in Cusco were just awesome. The hard court in the schoolyard where we trained our kids was just right next to a private green grassed sports field with a running court, volleyball nets, soccer, … It is crazy to see the differences here. That's why it was even more crazy to see how happy and motivated the kids are! I saw even in those two months a lot of progress and I would love to come back one day to see them again! Sony, the leader of the organisation, is giving everything for the kids. It's not just the organisation he loves, he creates family! I loved the other interns who were there at the same time and for sure I will go to Cologne for a visit! Besos a Peru! Hasta luego!

I am thankful for letting me be a part of this project

von Andrea Martínez (Uruguay, Cologne Sport University, Internship: Early Sport Program Designer)
I'm just done with my internship and I feel really sad about it. Being a part of this organization and meeting amazing people encouraging the sport development in South America was an amazing experience. Sony, the organization's director, is really nice and warm-hearted person from whom I learnt lots! I am thankful with all the people of CCP for letting me be a part of this project and I am looking forward to see the progress of the kids and the organisation!

Gracias for the great time

von Lukas Müller-Bestehorn (German, SG Bruchköbel Club, Internship: Table Tennis Coach)
After two months is time to say goodbye to Cusco and the project Creating Champions Peru. I met wonderful people an learn at lot for me. I saw the development of the children. That makes me happy. They practise intensive for there dreams. Sony Cueva helps children with his sport program. With sport they get the chance to find themselves. For me, as a table tennis player and coach, was important to see how the table tennis sport work outside Germany. Sony gave me the chance and I met nice table tennis players. Gracias for the great time ???? !

I made a lot of new experiences which help me in my future life

von Philipp Müller (Germany, Cologne Sport University, Internship: Soccer Coach)
In my 2 months in Cusco at Creating Champions Peru I made a lot of new experiences which will help me in my further life. I saw how difficult it is to develop sports skills here for these underprivileged children. But Creating Champions Peru are doing their best to help these talented and motivated kids to develop their sport skills to the top. I am glad that I could be a part of this project and could help the organisation in an important stage. Together with Sony we picked out the most talented kids, designed a new scouting system, prepared a specific sports-concept and put this into practice. I hope the performance of the kids will evolve continuously the next years by this means and I am really looking forward to see the next steps of CCP. I wish Sony and CCP all the best to reach your aims. Thank you for this amazing and unforgettable time in Peru.

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